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«The art of pain management»

The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA)
is delighted to invite you to Prague in 2024
for its 41st Annual Congress


Dear Colleagues, Friends and Collaborators,

The World Congress in Paris 2023 has been the best ever and our journey continues. The 41st European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA) Annual Congress will take place in Prague, mother of all cities (Praha matka mest), Golden City or the city of 100 towers.

A vibrant city full of culture, where Smetana, Dvořák, Janacek and Mozart played and now the strings of autumn are waiting to be enjoyed. 900 years of life Architecture, home of uncounted beer breweries, coffee houses and famous Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Hasek and Egon Erwin Kisch.

The Congress Scientific and Local Organizing Committees, supported by an extensive International Experts Group, have built an comprehensive and high-quality Scientific Program for both young and experienced Delegates.

More than 100 well-respected international experts and KOL, as well as the rising stars of the future, all serving on our faculty team. Joining together an audience of many thousands of participants, with a representation from more than 50 countries from all over the world, this is Your opportunity in 2024 to network, as well as to share and underpin the latest updates, advancements and leading–edge research and innovation across the spectrum of Regional Anaesthesia (RA), Perioperative care, PocUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) and Acute Postoperative & Chronic Pain Management.

Traditionally, the ESRA Annual Congress is included amongst the most influential Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine platforms for clinicians, researchers, scientists and industry representatives from all over the world, with its high scientific standard being recognized and highly rated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

We again drive interactivity, deepen collaboration, accelerate promotion of science and networking, and encourage knowledge sharing, via state-of-the-art presentations on our fields, as well as by highlighting new insights into basic science, clinical research and therapeutic interventions.

This Meeting Format will again encourage an active interplay in between faculty and delegates, framed by your input, commitment and pro-action. Accordingly, the Scientific Program will comprise of:

  • Multiple exciting learning opportunities specifically designed for Residents, Trainees and Fellows
  • Free Papers and e-Posters Sessions to be rewarded with numerous prizes on RA and Chronic Pain
  • Video Contest
  • A busy large exhibition area will be available for the presentation of latest innovations from our industry supporters
  • Written and oral exams of the well–established EDRA and EDPM ESRA Diplomas will take place in parallel with the congress main scientific program, or as a post-congress activity

Last but not least, a variety of social activities and unique networking events will be organized, such as the Congress Opening Ceremony & Welcome Session, an exceptional Networking Reception, the Networking on The Run (formerly known as FUN run), the Trainees & Diplomates Reception, the Annual Networking Dinner & Celebration, and the Farewell Reception at the end of the Congress, all befitting in Prague, our ideal location.

Counting on everbodys support, enthusiasm and fruitful participation, we are preparing another inspiring congress, and we are excited to have you all along our side! On behalf of the organizing team, we look forward to sharing and interacting with our colleagues across the globe and meet you all in the “Golden City”, in September 2024, for another memorable experience:

  • Networking Sessions and Symposia
  • Plenary Experts’ Panel Discussions
  • Instructional Refresher Course Lectures
  • PRO CON Debates
  • Ask the Expert Interactive Sessions
  • Second Opinion Discussion Sessions
  • Tips & Tricks Sessions
  • Problem Based Learning Discussions (PBLD)
  • Lunch
  • Video and e-Poster contests
  • RAPM session
  • Complex Case Discussions
  • Audience-Submitted Content / Q&A
  • Hands-On Clinical & Cadaver Workshops
  • Trainees Sessions
  • LIVE Demonstrations on Models
  • 360 Open Space Simulation Courses- Sessions

Thomas Volk

ESRA Past President
Chair of the Scientific Committee

Eleni Moka

ESRA President


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